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The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow is one of the most luxurious cars that has ever appeared in a car list. It is a sedan produced in Great Britain between 1965 and 1981, capable of hiding a history truly full of wonders and prestige. With a total circulation of just under 30,000 units, it is one of the most exclusive cars ever.


It is the first Rolls-Royce with a monocoque chassis, combined with an equally modern system with independent wheels and the insertion of elastic rubber elements inside the suspensions.


The Shadow, while remaining a classic 3-volume 4-door sedan, offered more taut and modern lines, without renouncing the typical identifying elements of the brand, such as the famous "Greek temple" grille surmounted by the Spirit of Ecstasy statuette. Richly finished, as per tradition, the interiors, made with Connoly leather, precious wood and quality materials (chromed steel) even for the minor components (buttons, air vents, etc.). Even the on-board equipment was top-notch: electric windows on all the doors, walnut briar-root tables and, on request, an air conditioning system that was among the most sophisticated and functional on the market at the time, with various sensors temperature inside and outside the passenger compartment, and the possibility of setting the desired temperature and automatic regulation of the air flows; with the various updates and restyling, this option was made standard on all models.


Thanks to the attention devoted to its purpose, the Silver Shadow could count on exceptional ride comfort, even at the expense of steering precision (disputed by the weight of around 2 tons, by the tendency of the front suspension to "sink" and by the extremely soft calibration of the hydraulic power steering, which made the directionality a bit "vague". After all, the Shadow was notborn to run, but to carry passengers in comfort and absolute silence (soundproofing was at the highest levels).


The proposed specimen was registered in Aosta in February 1973 by a well-known local family. It mounts a 6745 cm³ engine which, combined with an automatic gearbox, delivers a power of 180 hp.

In the last 30 years the car has only been used for short journeys and is one of the few examples of this with left-hand drive and original Italian number plates of the time


Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

  • Diet Gas
    Traction rear
    Matriculation 02/1973
    Exchange Automatic
    Displacement 6745 of the Civil Code
    Power 190 HP
  • Doors 4
    Seats 5
    External colour Sky blue
    Color finish Metallic
    Car body 4/5-Doors
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